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Greeting everyone! My name is Oleg. I am an  owner and operator of Hygienic . I build this company  from scratch and I am very proud where I stand with it today. I am also proud to announce that we are all about costumer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide best service  in the cleaning industry. Most of our clients are repetitive or word of mouth. You too can become one of our happy clients. If you want to consult about our services or if you have any questions please give as a call. Thank you  

How do we define cleaning?
"Process of removing contaminates, pollutants, and undesirable substances from our environment or surface to reduce damage or harm to our Health or valuable materials." We all know that flooring at your house or work place is a dirt magnet. Sometimes vacuuming or moping is not enough to remove all the dirt you desire. Don't hesitate to consult with your local carpet cleaning professional. I will be happy to provide you with appropriate quote for your cleaning needs.

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